Adventures of Gregor the Golf Ball

‘The Adventures of Gregor the Golf Ball’ has been written to spark childrens imagination in the game of golf, by making them believe their golf ball is a character and engage in the feelings their ball will be experiencing when playing golf. The book can be read as a bedtime story or used as a learning tool with a glossary of all the golf words used in the book explained in an easy to understand format. There is also a Q&A section where children can name their golf ball and say what they would like Gregor to do next. The book is the first in a series that will grow as the child grows, with the next books planned being ‘Gregor plays in the wind and the rain’ proving golf is a game for any weather it just presents a different challenge, ‘Gregor joins a Golf club’ here he will literally bump into Georgia the golf ball, and we will learn how golf is a great game on your own but even better with friends and ‘Gregor plays in his first flag competition’ which he will not win but its all about taking part.,

‘The Adventures of Gregor the Golf Ball’ is a book about a golf ball named Gregor who is waiting to play golf for the very first time. He has heard so many exciting stories about golf but as yet has never played. All that is about to change as a young boy called Peter and his Dad walk in to the golf shop looking to buy a golf ball. Peter is playing golf for the first time too, so they are learning together. Join Gregor as he feels the fresh air between his dimples for the very first time, feel the excitement as Gregor goes flying through the air, hear about the panic Gregor feels as he is lost in the rough waiting to be found, laugh with Gregor as he is tickled by the short grass on the golf green before spinning around the cup and into the hole for his first putt. learn about golf in a fun and engaging manner that kids will love.

Gregor the golf ball

The book is on ebay for £11.99 inc p&p or can be bought in bulk for Golf clubs etc (100+ copies) for £5 plus p&p by emailing


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