The Quinta do Peru Golf Club was born in 1995, as a natural sequel to the opening of the golf course and complementing the offer to members, in terms of competitive dynamics, coexistence and fraternization.

Since its inception, it has always had the objective of sporting rigor, etiquette and, fundamentally, to play an important role in the development of national golf, through the training of players and with a special focus on the younger levels.

There were several players who grew up at CG Quinta do Peru, reaching levels of high world competition, representing both the Club and the Country in the trips of the National Golf Team.

But, more important than the level of play, is the training of golf players, in its fullness. ETIQUETTE, RESPECT, HONESTY, are some of the values ​​that we have always been proud to see recognized in all its partners.

  • Quinta do Peru Golf Club Alameda da Serra, nº2, 2975-666 Quinta do Conde

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