Terms and Conditions

  1. The Competition is played under The Rules of Golf as laid down by The R & A

  2. Competitors must be 16 years old on or before the 1st March 2019. Players entering the competition under 18 yrs of age must be chaperoned at all stages of competition by a responsible adult.

  3. The championship is approved by The R&A for the payment of expenses – Rule 4-2g RA/4/2017. Note: The R&A grants approval for the payment of expenses only in terms of the Rules of Amateur status and such approval should not be considered as any general approval or endorsement of the competition or its organisers and/or promoters.

  4. Each competitor must have an ACTIVE CONGU handicap issued by an affiliated golf club and have played in 3 club competitions during the previous calendar Year. Handicaps must remain ACTIVE from the date of entry and throughout involvement in the competition. Current handicap certificates must be taken to each event. If a competitor does not provide a handicap certificate on the day of the event he/she must provide proof of handicap to the Tournament director within 48 hours of completion of the event.

  5. The Golf Guide Tour is a pairs better ball competition played at ¾ handicap with a maximum shot allowance of 18 for men and 24 for ladies.

    1. In order to preserve the integrity of The Golf Guide Tour, the organisers’ reserve the right to disqualify a player or players from the tournament in the event that the tournament committee determines, in its absolute discretion, that a player’s handicap is inaccurate when compared with their actual playing ability. The tournament committee will determine whether a player’s handicap is inaccurate by taking into consideration any or all of the following:

        1. Handicap history review;
        2. Previous tournament/competition results;

        3. Current sanctions from any other national golf tournaments or from any County or National golf